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Due to this technical limitation, please be aware that searching for street addresses and names will sometimes retrieve incomplete or inaccurate results. You may wish to browse the directory images to verify your results. Henderson’s Directories can be used for many different types of research. Historians, genealogists geographers, teachers and others continue to find new ways to make the most of these digitized directories. Tracing the rapid and substantial development of cities across the prairies Detailing the geographical location of businesses over their lifespan Studying the ebbs and tides of the development of residential and commercial spaces Discovering population and settlement patterns Observing the use of advertising within the directory, and seeing the changing services and products of a developing region The Henderson’s Directories developed as a business tool for rapidly growing towns and cities. It was a means of providing information to potential business users both locally and nationally and even internationally, if one includes American business interests. The directories provide information on:

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A daily blog about Canadian genealogy, heritage, and history Tuesday, November 29, Historical Online Newspapers in Canada I was having an email conversation the other day with a friend out in BC, and she was saying what a nice newspaper collection that the University of British Columbia has accumulated. It got me thinking about newspapers and their importance in finding out local history of a place.

So I put together this list. Here is my attempt at summarizing the sites of digitized newspapers on the Internet – British Columbia Historical Newspapers Project – www. The site contains more than 45, pages of 24 historical BC newspapers.

Please contact [email protected] for any updated information. The University of Alberta Archaeological Field School. Location: Brooks, Alberta, Canada. dating to the Avonlea to Old Women’s Phase transitional period. Students will have opportunities to see medicine wheels, ribstones and other important sites, and to learn from Treaty.

The s were years of chaos, and the city had nine different governors between and Invasions and chaos in local government allowed bands of warring Sikhs to occupy some areas. In , all Sikh Misls warring bands joined into one to form a sovereign Sikh state ruled by Maharaja Ranjit Singh from the royal capital, Lahore.

During the s, frequent invasions by Afghans led by Ahmad Shah Abdali and has created chaos in local government had made life very uncomfortable for the citizens of Lahore. Bhangi Misl was the first Sikh band to invade and plunder the Mughal Lahore. Later Ranjit Singh was able to make gains in this chaos. Out of the chaos of Afghan and Sikh conflicts Ranjit Singh who was able to unify the Sikh factions and capture Lahore where he was crowned Emperor.

Many visitors to Lahore during this era noted that much of the city was in disrepair and many of its Muslim monuments and Mosques were pillaged and desecrated by the Sikhs. While much of Lahore’s Mughal era fabric lay in ruins by the end of eighteenth century due to the destruction and plunder by the Sikh Bhangi Misl [ citation needed ]. Ranjit Singh’s death on 27 June ultimately ended his reign, while the Sikh rule continued until the British gained control of the empire in Ranjit Singh used the Hazuri Bagh, the enclosed garden next to the Mosque as his official royal court of audience.

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In order to better prepare students for encounters with text, the authors propose the use of two image analysis strategies tied with a historical theme to heighten student interest in historical content and provide a basis for improved reading comprehension. As the September sun beat relentlessly on the roof of the portable classroom and the air conditioner hummed diligently, twenty-one sixth grade world cultures students participated in a review session pertaining to ancient Greece.

Using the computer and projector to situate students geographically, the teacher guided the students through basic definitions of Greek landforms.

The University of Alberta is a Top 5 Canadian university located in Edmonton, Alberta, and home to 40, students in a wide variety of programs.

Il y a actuellement utilisateurs inscrits sur le site. Voici quelques faits saillants. De Diane Bourgeois Perkins: Approximately, individual records have been added, and another existing records were modified. In addition I added many headstone, obituaries, pictures and documents associated to individuals in the database. I also did some work on entries from Massachusetts, Louisiana and New-Brunswick.

As always, they are very much appreciated.

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This is my second trip to Ghana. I believe that global collaboration has always been a fundamental part of scholarly development, a prerequisite to bring different perspectives to dialogue on key national and global issues and that it facilitates our contribution to the global collection of knowledge and expertise on the management of the social determinants of health.

We will be working in different setting while in Ghana; 37th Military Hospital, community clinics and do varies communities visits.

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Sex Between Faculty and Students? Fri, 22 Apr Students and Professors I find myself largely in agreement with Ruth Ginzberg’s comments, except the focus always seems to be on the most crassly obvious of cases. Of course one shouldn’t have sex with one’s students when you’re teaching them, supervising or giving them references. But there are all sorts of situations where students and professors meet outside a professional relationship – they can’t help it, when so much of university life is not academic.

What is the difference between meeting a student whom one is not teaching etc, and someone you might meet in another situation off-campus? Why should a professor in, say, a philosophy department and a student in a biology department, with no prospect of a professional relationship, be prevented from having a sexual relationship? There would still be an imbalance of power in terms of age, experience, income etc, but what would be the difference between this relation- ship and those between people with similar imbalances outside a university?

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There is also a collection of , modern eBooks that may be borrowed by anyone with a free archive. In addition to the collections here, print disabled people may access a large collection of modern books provided as encrypted DAISY files on OpenLibrary. Get Something Digitized The Internet Archive also encourages libraries, content holders and the reading community at large, to have their printed materials non-destructively digitized and put online for the benefit of all.

ORIGINAL PAPER Algal pigments in Arctic lake sediments record biogeochemical changes due to Holocene climate variability and anthropogenic global change.

Early Burrowers Direct fossil evidence of animals from Ediacaran period—the time in Earth’s history just before extensive animal diversification in the Cambrian—is scant. However, the remains of animal activity in sediment, which remain intact through geologic time can provide clues about animal behavior and evolution. The complex morphologies of the fossil burrows suggest that these animals actively grazed and had the ability to burrow deep within sediments.

Abstract Based on molecular clocks and biomarker studies, it is possible that bilaterian life emerged early in the Ediacaran, but at present, no fossils or trace fossils from this time have been reported. Uranium-lead dating of zircons in cross-cutting granite dykes constrains the age of these burrows to be at least million years old. Their features indicate infaunal grazing activity by early eumetazoans. Active backfill within the burrow, an ability to wander upward and downward to exploit shallowly situated sedimentary laminae, and sinuous meandering suggest advanced behavioral adaptations.

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Alberta Mine Map. Tweet. An on-site processing plant crushes, cleans and dries the coal before it’s transported by train to customers or ports for international shipping. 5. Palisades, operated by Altitudes Resources Ltd., covers 4, ha and is the most advanced coal project with work dating back to the ’s. Field work.

No White Men cannot jump kings. A sequence must capture the maximum possible number of pieces. If more than one sequence qualifies, the capture must be done with a king instead of a man. If more than one sequence qualifies, the one that captures a greater number of kings must be chosen. If there are still more sequences, the one that captures a king first must be chosen. It is mainly played in Italy and some North African countries. Sport[ edit ] The World Championship in English draughts began in The women’s championship in English draughts started in The women’s winners have been from Ireland, Turkmenistan , and the Ukraine.

It occurs every two years.

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November 29, Okay here goes, this has been a long time in the making. Wanted to start with crypto some 5 months ago. Begun with what I thought would be a “good” exchange.

Personal construct psychotherapy: Fixed-role therapy with forensic clients1 James Horley University of Alberta, Alberta, Canada Abstract Fixed-role therapy, a dramaturgical approach to psychotherapy developed by Kelly in.

Historical periods[ edit ] Scholars have traditionally divided the history of the library into five periods, Pre-Lateran, Lateran, Avignon, Pre-Vatican and Vatican. Only a handful of volumes survive from this period, though some are very significant. Lateran[ edit ] The Lateran era began when the library moved to the Lateran Palace and lasted until the end of the 13th century and the reign of Pope Boniface VIII , who died in , by which time he possessed one of the most notable collections of illuminated manuscripts in Europe.

This period saw a great growth in book collection and record keeping by the popes in Avignon, between the death of Boniface and the s when the Papacy returned to Rome. Pre-Vatican[ edit ] The Pre-Vatican period ranged from about to The library was scattered during this time, with parts in Rome, Avignon and elsewhere. Vatican[ edit ] In , bibliophile Pope Nicholas V sought to establish a public library at the Vatican, in part to re-establish Rome as a destination for scholarship.

Pope Nicholas also expanded his collection by employing Italian and Byzantine scholars to translate the Greek classics into Latin for his library. In , the collection had grown to books, of which were in Greek language. It was after this the library became known as the Vatican Library. Scholars’ access to the library was restricted, particularly Protestant scholars.

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Sina Don Mariano R. Marcos at Donya Josefa Edralin ang kaniyang magulang. Mayroong siyang tatlong kapatid, si Dr. Pacifico, Elizabeth at Fortuna. Ang kanyang ama ay naging kongresista ng Ilocos at gobernador ng Davao. Si Donya Josefa naman ay isang dating guro sa kanilang bayan.

My name is Courtney Bachman and I grew up in small town Wilkie, Saskatchewan. I moved to Edmonton to pursue my passion for nursing. These past four years have been an incredible journey which have taught me more than I will ever learn from reading a textbook.

As well, although not reported in the article, male students rated themselves as slightly more satisfied with life. Bailey and Miller examined differences on the other variables in their questionnaire as a function of life satisfaction The High and Moderate life satisfaction groups reported greater personal responsibilities and time pressures than the Low life satisfaction group. Even though the relatively more satisfied groups were busier, however, they did not report any greater stress level than the Low life satisfaction group.

Thus, students don’t need to experience any greater or lesser stress in order to experience life satisfaction. The High life satisfaction group reported greater school, dating, and family satisfaction than the Moderate or Low life satisfaction groups. Thus, in addition to business, satisfying interpersonal relationships appear to play an important role in college students’ life satisfaction. Bailey and Miller’s findings indicate that the sun worshiper described above may not be the most content student; rather, the busy, involved student combining academics with dating and family relationships is the more content student.

These findings support the expansion hypothesis of life satisfaction, in which life satisfaction is related to approaching – as opposed to avoiding – life. For Instructors Links to the Lecture Correlation and causation. This article provides an ecological consideration of correlation and causation. Use the following questions related to the article to guide discussion: Is this a correlational study or a causal study?

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