Subway removes pork from stores after ‘strong demand’ from Muslims Online

Share Shares 3K Standing on a deserted subway platform is an eerie experience. You stand in the cold darkness for your train, hearing distant creaks and whistles, wondering if every sound is your train pulling in or the tormented screams of the damned. This setting is just the place for creepy mysteries and legends. They discovered bacteria known to thrive on human skin, as well as those associated with gastrointestinal and urogenital systems and human feces. They discovered remnants of neighborhood-specific cuisine like pizza and falafels, though considering the fecal bacteria situation, eating on the subway might be ill-advised. One station that had been flooded during Hurricane Sandy still contained DNA associated with a marine environment. They even found traces of anthrax and the bubonic plague, although they were also quick to downplay any risks to the public. All in all, the team found DNA from 15, distinct species.

Glasgow Subway

The weight of the summer’s haze is setting in as Manhattan starts to come alive. The city’s residents are busy with their routines; they’re waiting in line at Dunkin Donuts, they’re dropping their laundry off at the dry cleaners, they’re pushing someone out of the way because they’re seven minutes late to work and years of living at elbow’s length of eight million other people has made them completely forget their manners.

A few hundred of those inhabitants are on the subway on their way to the office or their children’s school or their hot yoga class, but it slowly becomes clear that one of those riders is not like the others. One of those riders is carrying a very expensive purse. One of those riders is wearing sunglasses, despite the fact that they’re a few dozen feet underground. One of those riders looks incredibly familiar, catching wayward glances from fellow straphangers who are trying not to stare but also can’t resist doing a double take.

May 16,  · An archeologist checks human bones as ancient roman ruins of former barracks were discovered during work on a new underground line, in Rome, Monday, May 16,

The tunnel was never extended for political and financial reasons, although extensions had been planned to take the tunnel southward to the Battery and northwards towards the Harlem River. The city built most of the lines and leased them to the companies. Some elevated lines ceased service immediately while others closed soon after.

Still, the NYCTA managed to open six new subway stations in the s, [70] [71] make the current fleet of subway cars graffiti-free, as well as order 1, new subway cars. Entering the 21st century, progress continued despite several disasters. Rebuilding required the suspension of service on that line south of Chambers Street.

Subway launches new poundsaver menu with hash brown and taco from today

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is modifying the tiles at the 40th Street entrance to the Times Square subway stop to avoid any confusion about their meaning, MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz said in a statement. The decision comes in the wake of the deadly rally over a Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville, Virginia, which has caused communities across the nation to remove Confederate memorials and symbols.

Earlier this week, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other politicians pressed the U.

Dating back to July , the system is known for its notable Art Nouveau-styled entrances, designed by Hector Guimard, though only a few remain in existence today.

Los Angeles subway work uncovers array of Ice Age fossils DEEP below the city, a major construction project is uncovering some remarkable discoveries. Behind the scenes preparation and installation of the exhibit Mammoths – giants of the Ice Age. When her phone buzzes, she quickly dons a neon vest, hard hat and goggles before climbing deep down into a massive construction site beneath a boulevard east of downtown.

Earth-movers are diverted, and Leger gets on her hands and knees and gently brushes the dirt from a spot pointed out by a member of her team. They include a partial rabbit jaw, mastodon tooth, camel foreleg, bison vertebrae, and a tooth and ankle bone from a horse. She was at home getting ready for bed when a call came in from one of her monitors. The next morning, Leger knelt at the site and recognised what appeared to be a partial elephant skull.

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Other stores sell ashtrays, paperweights, drinking glasses, coasters, mugs, ties, t-shirts, Christmas ornaments, even dresses festooned with the image of the token. The People’s Hall of Fame , which honors New Yorkers every year for contributions to the city’s cultural life, presents inductees with an enormous replica of a token. There are Frisbees shaped like giant tokens.

The only thing the New York City subway token will no longer be used for, as of May 4, is to get you onto the subway.

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Saturday, August 5, , 7: The year-old homeless man made the pages of the Daily News one year ago when he was photographed smoking crack aboard a downtown No. His mother mailed him the picture last month, and Johnson received it while behind bars on Rikers Island. I want to make socially redeeming contributions, and I want the help to do that.

The year-old was freed from Rikers on Wednesday and vowed that he “will not be frivolously squandering the opportunity. Johnson, who first smoked marijuana at age 13, tried crack at age 20 — and spent the next three decades struggling with addiction. Subway rider smokes crack, gets naked on No. His latest bust came April 3 when a deliveryman returned to a parked truck and found Johnson stealing property from the back of the vehicle.

He was locked up on the charge until his brother was able to post bail last week. Johnson was pictured smoking a crack pipe on the subway in the Aug. New York Daily News The soft-spoken and thoughtful ex-con struggles with other issues of his own making: Photographer Ben Lozovsky shot the photos of Johnson last August after watching Johnson take a second hit from a crack pipe inside the train around 1: Lozovksy wondered what became of the man, and actually spotted him a few times in the subway system.

Glasgow Subway

Coronary artery disease is the most common form of heart disease and is a leading cause of death worldwide. Every year about , Americans die from cardiovascular diseases and stroke. A major factor is poor lifestyle habits prevalent among American adults and children. Learn more about Start! Both are national, educational programs that also engage children in physical activity jumping rope for elementary grades and basketball for secondary grade levels while raising funds to support life saving heart and stroke research.

That summer he opened his first sandwich shop with the sole purpose of earning enough money to finance his college education.

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It will use scanners from the British security company ThruVision, capable of scanning upwards of 2, people per hour. The scanners will monitor visitors for concealed weapons — both metal and non-metal capable of causing “mass casualties. Instead, they are trying to identify things like suicide vests or assault weapons. The ThruVision scanners are not like individual airport scanners, which require forming a line and going through one by one.

Instead, they survey a moving crowd as a whole. In other words, they shouldn’t cause a backup similar to the nightmare that is the TSA airport experience. The Los Angeles metro serves around , riders on an average weekday, according to its most recent statistics. That’s a blip in comparison to New York’s 5. Construction on the purple line, which connects downtown Los Angeles with the Westside, is underway. And metro ridership has seen a 3.

However, that modest increase doesn’t tell the whole story. According to the L. Times , subway ridership on two of the biggest lines is down 25 percent, and use of mass transit overall which includes buses has decreased 15 percent over five years.

Greece: Subway Construction Unearths Ancient Aphrodite Statue and Stunning Mosaic Floors

Aftermath[ edit ] would be the last World Series title the Yankees would win for nine years, though they would remain competitive each year. After four consecutive seasons of competitive baseball, [note 3] the Mets would average just 74 wins in the next four seasons, including a loss season in and two last-place finishes in the NL East and After , Bobby Valentine and nearly all of the coaching staff were fired, and by , Mike Piazza was the only remnant from the team; he would leave the Mets after that season.

The Mets have made three postseason appearances since then. This was the final World Series the New York Yankees won while playing at the old Yankee Stadium as previously mentioned, they lost in and again in and the final World Series played at Shea Stadium.

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The Assistant Engineer for the project was William Tait. There was no additional cable to allow trains to reach the depot; instead, they were transferred to and from the running lines by crane operating over a pit at the Govan workshops. This also meant that the two tracks could be completely separate, with no points anywhere. The company’s headquarters were in the upper rooms at St Enoch subway station ; this distinctive ornate building still stands in St Enoch Square and was subsequently used as a travel information office by SPT and is now a coffee shop.

Four people were injured, one being taken to the infirmary. Many continued in service until in an upgraded form. A further 10 were delivered by the same manufacturer in From , second four axle trailer carriages without a cable gripper mechanism were added, though they were considerably shorter than the front gripper carriage. These carriages were soon expanded to match the length of the front carriages, although carriage 41T has been restored to its original length and cut longitudinally and number 39T is preserved in the Riverside Museum.

Most of the gripper carriages were subsequently converted to electric traction in All carriages were originally built with lattice gates instead of doors at the ends; many were converted to air-operated sliding doors in the s, but a few retained the gates until The trains were thus built with doors on one side only. Power for the electric lighting in the trains was supplied by two parallel wall-mounted rails known as “T-irons” at window level on the non-platform side of the trains; trains were originally equipped with wheels to pick up the electricity but changed to skids at electrification.

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